The CR’U Institute makeup school Santa Ana offers to students a number of opportunities that encourages training in various areas of cosmetology and barbering. We offer state of the art training in makeup application, world class hair stylist training and precision barber training. The CR’U Institute, voted cosmetology and barbering institution in Southern California, introduces students to the most advanced courses in makeup artistry and provides an extensive training in an environment that encourages learning and helps to boost student confidence. The courses in artistry makeup that is delivered by the expert guidance of our highly qualified tutors are certified and accredited by the NACCAS. Students can rest assured that the delivery mode, the courses that we offer and the tutors are all of the highest caliber.

Expert Training in Artistry Makeup

The experienced tutors at the CR’U Institute has continually helped many students enrolled in our makeup classes to bring out their creativity with some of the most advanced makeup training courses. With courses that are of the highest quality, the CR’U Institute makeup academy has provided many trained professionals into the Santa Ana beauty industry. At our makeup academy, we don’t just teach our students to apply makeup. We ensure that they know all the trade secrets that will make them stand out and ready for the world of beauty. With some of the best advice from world leading makeup specialist, enrolling in our makeup school will guarantee that you will learn all the necessary techniques that will place you among the best makeup artists. We prepare for a guaranteed successful career once you have completed your training.

Special Effects Makeup School; Flawless Makeup Classes

Students in our makeup artist school will enjoy the hands on training that they are provided so that they can better master their skill. As one of the most sought after Special effects makeup schools, the training provided by the CR’U Institute is flawless and of a very high quality. We use some of the best products available in our special effects makeup training courses to ensure that the overall end result is absolute perfection. The environment that students get to interact and practice their skills in special effects makeup is highly motivated, encouraging and most of all, fun and exciting. Learn the basic and advanced techniques in creating theatrical makeup from leaders in the beauty industry that are highly skilled and extremely talented.

Get the skills needed to become the most sought after makeup artist in the industry by contacting the CR’U Institute makeup artist school. If you have always dreamt of becoming a top of the line makeup artist, then naturally you will need to undergo training that is undoubtedly of the highest quality. This is why registering with the best makeup artist school should be the next logical step you make on the road to realizing your dream of becoming one of the world’s best makeup artists.